• 1

    art has to be forgotten

    beauty must be realized - Piet Mondriaan

  • z

    One percent Inspiration

    ninety-nine percent perspiration - Thomas Edison

  • c

    A picture is a poem

    without words - Horace

  • è

    A man paints with his brains

    and not with his hands - Michelangelo

  • ?

    Not everybody trusts paintings

    but people believe photographs - Ansell Adams

  • ô

    Art is what you

    can get away with - Andy Warhol






About David

Dedicated & passionate

David’s first photography first steps were on analogue medium format camera’s, on which he used great amounts of film without satisfactory results.
Most of this work is lost forever.

With the introduction of affordable digital Single Lens Reflex cameras David converted. Most subjects were still inanimate.
Most of this too is lost forever.


March 2013 David decided to start working with models.
Scary as this was, it made him realise humans make his photos more interesting. many shoots later he decided to abandon the (easy) path of nice, happy & sweet shoots. He now works on his (mostly) black concepts.

Simplicity is paramount and as little as possible should distract from the subject. The blackness amplifies this focus but also reminds us, viewer, model and artist, of our emptyness.



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